20 Interesting Facts About Titiz Honey!

There are many known facts about the Titiz Honey that we have on our tables at almost every breakfast, add into our desserts, and sometimes our food and most of the time we used for preparing drinks at home. It is a healthy food, it provides energy, it protects our bodies against diseases. But now we will share interesting facts that you have never heard before about honey.

Let’s have a close look for these unknown facts about Titiz honey, from historical facts to nutritional facts.

1) History of honey dates back 150 million years ago. There are some hieroglyphs written about honey found by researchers in Egypt. As the Aztecs used their cocoa beans as a form of payment, the Egyptians were using honey for payment like money in their daily barter exchanges.

2) According to many historians, honey was found in most of the Egyptian medicines.

3) The Greeks and the Romans saw the honey as a worthy food for the Gods. They used the devote honey to dead souls and Gods to show their good intentions and to guard against their wrath.

4) Honey was a food of great demand in the 11th century, and the German peasants could propose to pay with honey to their vassals.

5) There is a healing effect when the Titizhoney is directly applied to open wounds, burns, blisters, painful and irritated areas.

6) It stops scratching when honey is applied directly to the area where insect bites and an itch formed by the poisonous plants.

7) When you consume Titiz honey 3 times a day, it has been proved that honey is a cure for nutrition, aging, mental illnesses and stomach ailments.

8) Honey is good for sore throat. If a small amount of honey is thoroughly swallowed it gives a relief in the throat.

9) If you consume a spoonful of natural Titizhoney 3 times a day, your chances of getting a cold greatly reduced.

10) When honey is consumed, the simple sugar found in honey directly mix with the blood circulation and gives energy immediately.

11) Honey keeps your body vibrant and tender.

12) Honey does not contain fat, sodium and cholesterol.

13) Honey has all the nutritional values we need to keep our lives alive. It contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals and water.

14) Honey removes urine and cleans bladder pathways. Because of the cleansing and relieving feature of yoghurt digestive tract, when genuine Titizhoney is mixed with yoghurt, it will work with yogurt and your bowels will work and will get rid of constipation.

15) Body massage with honey softens and revitalizes the skin.

16) When consumed daily, natural honey increases the resistance of the body against infections and heals the infections.

17) Famous varieties of honey in Turkey as follow; Anzerhoney is a flower and a karakovanhoney. Some of the honey varieties seen mostly in the Black Sea and Marmara regions are poisonous.

18) If you dab honey on your dry and chapped lips before bedtime in the evening, your lips will be smooth and plump when you wake up in the morning.

19) Honeybees sound a buzz since they flap 200 times in a second. A honeybee can travel 9 kilometers in an hour at a speed of 24 kilometers.

20) An average honey bee produces 1/12 teaspoon honey throughout life.


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