7 important tips for quality Titiz Honey

Today, honey is one of the most consumed natural products in our kitchens. It provides us with healthy nutrition and protect us against many diseases. Although Titiz Honey, under the umbrella of Enkafood, ensure you to consume best quality honey products, there are some tips you should know about the honey.

Why honey is nutritious? How does it provide us with energy?

Honey contains vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids and many other elements that are vital for our bodies. This is the most distinctive feature that separates honey from sugary products. The bees gather more than 4,000 nectarines per gram of honey. Honey bears thenutritious values and healing properties of thousands of flowers and plants. It contributes greatly to the nutrition and energy needs of the people. There are about 304 calories (kcal) in 100 gram of honey.

How to distinguish genuine honey from fake one?

Whether it is in honeycomb or extracted, distinguishing the genuine honey from the fake one is extremely difficult even for the experts. It is almost impossible to distinguish genuine honey from fake honeyjust by looking at it, smelling it or even tasting it. The most accurate, healthy and confident way is laboratory analysis. In laboratories equipped with advanced technology, the analysis to be done by the experienced experts ensures that the real honey is distinguished from the counterfeiters. The right thing is to choose and consume a honey brand equipped with laboratory facilities that can make such analyzes.

Extracted honey is both healthy and advantageous

Honey in a honeycomb does not prove that it is genuine. Honeycomb can be obtained through the honey production from sugar syrup etc. placed near the beehive. Such honeycombs do not contain the flowers, the plants, the taste of nature, so the healing properties. Considering that laboratory analysis is an expensive process requiring advanced technology, experience and expertise, individual analysis of each honeycomb is also very difficult in practice. We can not know whether unanalyzed honey is reliable in terms of health without knowing where, how and under what conditions it is produced by bees.

Why should we consume honey?

Our daily food and energy needs are growing, especially in today’s tough conditions. On the other hand, healthy and correct nutrition are among the sine qua non of healthy life. Honey is a leading natural food, both in terms of nutritional value and contribution to human health. It is unique. One of the best ways to nourish healthy and nutritious, daily energy and vitamin needs is to consume enough honey every day.

Is there any harmful substance in honey? How can it be understood?

Honey is a natural food. It is produced in its natural form and contains what is good in nature in it.

Titiz natural honey is inherently harmless. But, like all agricultural products, producers in honey production use drugs to combat harm and diseases. Unconscious drug use sometimes causes chemicals in the honey to be above world standards. The detection of such harmful or foreign substances that may be found in honey is possible with detailed analyzes to be done by experts in laboratories equipped with advanced technology.

The real honey does not spoil, it can crystallize

Contrary to popular belief, genuine honey sometimes crystallizes. That does not mean it’s broken. It can also be consumed after crystallization; it does not lose its nutritional value. It is possible to bring the honey to the consistency prior to crystallization throughBenmari method. Fake honey does not crystallize; because there are no natural extracts in it.

Honey: Absolutely for children but after one year of age!

With its vitamins, nutrients and energy values, honey is an important food for children as well as for adults. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids in the body contribute significantly to the physical development of children, meet their energy needs and increase their body resistance. However, experts advise children under one year of age not to eat honey.


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