A delicious and practical recipe for Salmon with Bryndza Cheese

Through the recipe we will share with today you will see how much salmon fish and bryndza cheese match each other. You can surprise your guests and your family by preparing delicious tastes from salmon fish and bryndza cheese.

As you may already know, as one of the biggest food companies of Europe, Enkafood brings the most delicious bryndza cheese to our meal tables under the name of Şafak Dairy Products. You can consume this Şafak bryndza cheese regularly on your meal times but you can also prepare many delicious and different tastes.

And today’s recipe is one of them.

Recipe For Salmon Fish With Bryndza Cheese!

Today’s delicious recipe can also be a tasteful alternative for your children who refuse to eat fish. This recipe is not also delicious but it is also nutritious.

First, here is what you need to prepare this recipe:


8 pieces of thin sliced smoked salmon

150 grams of Şafak Bryndza Cheese

A half cup of raw cream

8 leaves of arugula

4 leaves of dill

1 teacup of oil

1.5 pieces of lemon

2 tsp olive paste

Preparation of smoked salmon with bryndza cheese:

First, mix the cream and bryndza cheese together in a deep pot. No need to mix with mixer, just mix with a fork.

To prevent the sticking of materials, wash your hands with water before starting. Then make walnut shaped pieces from the mixture.

Wash and squeeze the lemons.

Mix the oil, lemon and olive paste with the fork, just like in our first mixture. We’re gonna use this mixture as a sauce.

Thoroughly wash the arugula and the dills and place them on the plate you will use as a service plate. Then place walnut-sized cheese meatballs on the greens.

Place the smoked salmons on the meatballs, giving them a variety of shapes.

Pour the sauce evenly over all ingredients. After this process your food is ready… You can service it. Enjoy your meal!

You may not have tried this taste before. But you will surely want to do so often when you see this recipe is so practical and also delicious to your taste. To bring the natural Bryndza Cheese together with salmon is both practical and enjoyable. You can cheer up your table with this delightful taste of Bryndza cheese.

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