An alternative food from Enka: Maroni Chestnut

Chestnut has been the bread and butter of poor people who have lived in mountain villages for years. Today, chestnut, which is also used as a dietary product, has become an alternative food to chocolate thanks to natural products of companies such as Enkafood.

Chestnut was the main food source of the poor people in the southern Europe during the Middle Ages. Chestnuts were consumed like bread, and its shells and scraps were used as animal feed. When scientists realize that chestnut-consuming societies do not have much of a health problem, chestnut was no longer a food specific to poor people

Chestnut is a flavor that is especially suited to meat dishes and consumed for therapeutic purposes by people who have not consumed other desserts for centuries.

The chestnuts harvested in the last days of the autumn are generally roasted and consumed after boiled. It is a fruit of getting used to winter. It is an important part of our childhood with the taste that cracks on the stove in the village houses.

It is also known as Christmas fruit because it is mostly consumed in Christmas, which is also the pearl of winter according to European countries. Of course, chestnuts are not consumed after they are roasted on a barbecue. It is also used in meals. The taste of bulgur pilaf made with boiled chestnut is unbelievable. Europeans are famous for their chestnut-fried honey cakes.

Especially with the investments made by big companies like Enkafood, the time and fields of using chestnuts expanded. We are now able to experience chestnut pleasure when we are not just in winter thanks toEnkafood’s Maroni Chestnuts products.

Diet with Chestnut?

Did you know that these chestnut snacks packaged in 150 gram packages are also helpful for losing weight?

Researchers found interesting results when they examine bread and chestnut in terms of their protein and nutrient properties. According to the researches, chestnuts and a slice of bread has equal and very similar ingredients. When chestnut compared to other hazelnut products or compared to bread in terms of calories, it has less fat. Thanks to this low rate of fat chestnut can also help the people who are on a diet. After you have eaten the carbohydrate-rich chestnut, you quickly get a feel of satiated. This feeling of satiety helps you to weaken.

The 10 roasted chestnuts you eat are equal to a medium sized apple. Chestnut consumes about 70 percent less blood sugar than white bread, rice and tea sugar in about 30 minutes after it is eaten. Dietary fiber in the chestnut also prevents cholesterol and helps to decrease it. Chocolates are likely to be prepared from chestnuts in the future due to the effect on blood sugar

Thanks to such companies such as Enkafood, we can always consume chestnut which is used to be awinter food. Enkafood’s Maroni Chestnut products are one of its kind like Titiz Honey Products and Şafak Diary Products.

Maroni Chestnut Products is part of Enkafood, one of the leading companies in Europe. Enkafood offers you delicious chestnut snacks under the brand of Maroni Chestnut Products.

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