Biscuit Cake with Candied Chestnut


Maroni candied chestnut itself is a dessert and can be consumed alone. But you can also cook delicious desserts by using the Maroni candied chestnut. You can sweeten your meals by including Titiz candied chestnut products.

Biscuit Cake With Candied Chestnut is one of the cake types you can prepare with Maroni candied chestnut.

Enjoy your meal..!


20 pieces of Maroni candied chestnut
40 pieces of petit beurre biscuit
3 water glass of milk
3 tablespoon of powdered sugar
1 packet of vanilla
4 tablespoons of cocoa
75 gr vegetable margarine


Rend the biscuits with food processor until they reach the size of lentils. Pulverise the Maroni candied chestnuts and mix them with the biscuits in a deep bowl. Put cocoa, powdered sugar, vanilla and margarine in a small pot and cook with medium heat, stir with a wire beater until it is boiled and become dark.
When it starts to boil, take it out of oven and pour it into bowl containing the mixture of biscuit and Maroni candied chestnut.

Mix the materials with the help of a fork by smashing it. Cover a deep glass bowl or a cake mould with a plastic bag or stretch film. Stir the mixture into the mould and straighten it with your hand. Keep the cake in the freezer for 1 night in the refrigerator. Remove it 20 minutes before serving and keep it wait at room temperature. Serve the chestnut biscuit cake by turning it over the platter and slicing it.