Cookies with candied chestnut


If you already tasted Maroni roasted chestnut or Maroni candied chestnut, you can also add these delicious chestnut products to your other recipes. As Maroni roasted chestnut or Maroni candied chestnut can be consumed alone, they can also be an indispensable part of cakes, desserts, cookies or similar foods you cook at home.
Here is a delicious recipe for cookies prepared by candied chestnut.



250 gr margarine for cookie dough

1.5 teaspoons of powdered sugar

3 yolks (from 3 eggs)

1 teaspoon of carbonate

3 water cups of flour

30 – 35 Maroni candied chestnut (all must be equal in size)

1 egg white for top of cookies

1.5 tablespoons of grated coconut



If you are ready and supplied the ingredients, now it is time for recipe of cookies with Maroni candied chestnut.

Put the margarine, waited a while in room temperature, into the bowl for kneading. Add the powdered sugar and mix them up. And then also add the carbonate and egg yolks to mixture.

Slowly pour the flour into the dough and keep kneading. Prepare a smooth and soft dough. Cover the dough by a wet cloth and keep the dough to rest for 30 minutes.

Cover the baking tin of the oven by oily paper. Take the dough on the table covered with sprayed flour. Divide the dough into 30 equal slices. Roll these 30 slices and then flatten them on the table.

Put one piece of Maroni candied chestnut into every flattened slices. Then close the slices in the shape of ball.

After lay down these balls on the oiled baking tin by keeping a space between them. Lay on the stirred egg white on top of the cookie balls and lay some coconut.

Lastly, cook the cookies in the oven for 15-20 minutes at the temperature of 180 degrees, until the tops of the balls become pinkish.

Then take out the cookies and serve them. These delicious cookies with Maroni candied chestnut is ready to taste.

Bone appetite…!