Delicious breakfasts with Şafak Bryndza and Cottage Cheese!

Şafak Bryndza and Şafak Cotttage Cheese, presented to you with Enkafood quality, are already an indispensable product of your breakfasts. With both its satisfying qualities and delicious flavors, these two wonderful cheeses now attach enjoyment and taste to your breakfasts.

However, as you can consume these two cheeses alone, it is also possible to achieve different flavors with these two types of cheeses. Today we will share with you two recipes that you can consume for both breakfast and/or as a snack during the day.

If you prepare these two recipes with Şafak Bryndza Cheese and Şafak Cottage Cheese found in Şafak Dairy Products family, you will notice once again the quality of Enkafood.

Great Harmony of Mushroom, Egg and Şafak Cottage Cheese


4 eggs

1 packet of mushrooms

3 tablespoons of Şafak Cottage Cheese

Grated kashar cheese

3-4 green onions

1 pinch of dill

1 pinch of parsley


Flaked pepper



First, cut the mushrooms finely and cook until the water is released.

Filter the released water, add the Şafak Cottage Cheese and roast them together until water is diminished.

Prepare the greens by finely chopping. Add eggs and pepper flakes and beat well.

Stirr the eggs quickly with a wooden spoon in a wide pan on a very low heat until the mixture gets a gel consistency. (Without baking the bottom)

After the egg has settled, leave the bottom to solidify. Sprinkle the greens on it while it is still watery.

When the top is solid, add the kashar cheese to the half of the top.

Put the mushroom and the Şafak cottage cheese you have prepared on the frying pan and carefully cover the empty part on the full part.

Cook very little and put into to the serving bowl.

You can also serve it by slicing.

Ovenized Bread with Milk and Eggs


3 eggs

2 tablespoons of milk

Half red pepper

Half pinch of parsley

1 teaspoon of mint

1 teaspoon of red powdered pepper

Cheddar cheese and Şafak Bryndza Cheese as much as you want



Butter (to spread on bread)


Thinly slice the pepper and parsley.

Then put all the ingredients in the same container and mix them well.

Then apply butter on top of your sliced bread.

Spread the mixture evenly over the bread with a spoon.

Bake bread slices in preheated 200 degree oven.

You can serve them after cooked.

Bon Appetit!

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