A delicious recipe for candied chestnut: Nougat

Everybody loves the Maroni roasted chestnuts or Maroni candied chestnuts, they are irreplaceable flavours of autumn and winter. They trigger different feelings with the smoke on the firebrand and sweet taste on our tongues.

Candied chestnut is among the most preferred light desserts.

Maroni Chestnut provides many advantages for you about this taste. Maroni presents you the taste of chestnut with the concept of “quickly open and eat”.

Today, we are going to give tell you a recipe, by which you will see that you can also use Maroni chestnut products in your recipes beside consuming them alone. Yes, you can sweeten your tables by using candied chestnut or roasted chestnut in your other dishes.

The recipe we are going to tell today is very easy to prepare, but addictive in taste.



350 grams of powdered sugar

100 millilitres of liquid glucose

100 grams of honey

60 millilitres of water

2 eggs white

60 grams of nuts

100 grams of Maroni candied chestnut

1 tea spoon of vanilla extract

125 grams of butter



Put powdered sugar, glucose and honey into a pot, melt them by mixing on the low heat.

When this mixture started to melt, add the water and keep blending.

In a steel container, whisk the egg whites until they become a white hard foam. Rest your whisked egg whites in the cupboard until use. So it will keep its consistency.

Put the melted sugars on the lower heat of your oven. So, they will stay warm and will not get burned by this way until they are used.

Slowly pour glucose by using spoon into the mixture of egg whites. And mix it by a blender while pouring the glucose. Add the 1/3 of glucose into the egg white mixture.

Then add the nuts.

Later add the Maroni candied chestnuts into the mixture. Pay attention not to take too much liquid of the candied chestnuts. And Mix them.

After a while, add the vanilla extract. Continue to mix.

Take the syrup prepared by sugars and honey from the oven, and slowly add this into the mixture. Keep mixing while adding the syrup. Do not add all of the syrup at once. Otherwise, egg whites can get cooked due to hot syrup. Also do not pour all the syrup, leave some syrup in the pot.

Add butter into the remaining syrup and melt the butter by mixing the syrup.

Then add this new mixture into the egg whites and blend them again.

As eggs and sugar melded, they shall become firmer and it will be harder to blend then. Finally, you will get a fluid but strong mixture.

Put the silpat into a tray.

Lay the mixture over this silpat. Prevent the occurrence of bubbles by hitting the tray on the flat ground.

Put the tray into the refrigerator and wait for 4 hours.

Then take the frozen nougat and take off the silpat.

Slice the nougat by blade by the sizes you liked and then serve it. You can also serve it by wrapping it by small transparent pouches, like a candy.


Not a winter fruit anymore! 

As you can see, chestnut is not a food to be consumed alone. You can use candied chestnuts or roasted chestnuts in your dishes.

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