Interesting facts about chestnut!


How many chestnuts does a chestnut tree yield in a season?

The number of the chestnut yield of a single tree depends on so many factors. We can say variety, growing conditions, irrigation among the most important factors. But in general, a chestnut tree at the age of ten can produce 20 kg of chestnuts in a season.

What is the processes of chestnuts from planting to the final product?

Chestnuts trees are planted when they already reached the age of two. They start to give chestnuts 5 years after plantation. The amount of yearly yield increases every season until a chestnut tree becomes 15 years old. After 15 years of age, the seasonal chestnut yield of a tree starts to decrease.

How do we understand the quality, taste, and freshness of a chestnut?

It is hard to decide the quality of a chestnut just by visual inspection. Some chestnuts may be visually good looking, but the quality and taste of this chestnut cannot be as good as its look. But you can understand whether a chestnut is fresh or not by its sheen and how hard it is. Fresh chestnuts have a shiny look and a rigid state. On the other hand, stale chestnuts or chestnuts that are not very fresh are mostly become dried out and lost their gloss. You can understand it by hand; when you squeeze the outer shell of chestnut the shell can be pushed against the nut inside.

When is the best season for chestnuts?

Chestnuts are harvested in autumn. Their season is from September to November in Turkey. If you buy fresh chestnuts from the market, you can store them in the refrigerator for a short time.

How to Roast Chestnuts?

There are many ways to roast a chestnut. But the most recommended method is as follow:

First, you need to cut the chestnuts. Because chestnuts are almost 50% water and if you don’t cut their outer shell for enabling the steam generated inside the chestnuts during cooking to get out, chestnuts may explode during the roasting. It is advisable to cut the chestnuts on a line from one side to the other side. So, when you roast the chestnuts you can see the yellow nut inside the shell. We call this opening a smile.

After cutting them, put the chestnuts inside an oven or lay down on a grill. It takes around 15 minutes for a chestnut to be roasted. After you see the smiles of chestnuts, take them and put the chestnuts in a towel or a fabric and cover them for steaming about 5 minutes.

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